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Löwchen Grooming

A common question is "Do they grow that way?" The answer is, no. Löwchen can be groomed in any way you desire. Löwchen are shown in their traditional lion clip. So why are they clipped this way? In the medieval times the royals and ladies of the court came up with the clip so they could keep the dogs cleanly and to use them as hot water bottles. They would have them sit on their laps and sleep in their beds to help keep them warm. It is also believed that they were also used as flea catchers, meaning the long coat would attract the fleas away from their humans.

Below you will find my Löwchen grooming videos and show grooming guide, according to the AKC standard, in two different formats that can be printed off. 

(Print front to back then fold and staple)

Examples of Löwchen pet grooming
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